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Setting it up today. I'm going to base the rules partly on here, and party on the PaleoTumblr discord. IOW, an introductions channel, where people can intro themselves before they start chatting. We can start with a general channel, and make others as needed, like say a #scream channel for people who need to vent and such.

I had already planned to make all the mods here admins there, mostly as a courtesy, but otherwise let it mostly self-police. I have the experience to step in when necessary, but with our community, it should hopefully NOT be necessary. I am an IRC @ChOP, with almost 20 years experience, and I run another private Discord. The chat's in good hands, I promise. I doubt we'll need any CS forum mods to have to worry about the chat as well, though of course we'd love to have all of you. If need be, I have a couple people in mind whom I trust to sub-mod, if they're willing. (Kaaaaarrrraaaa)

I think the main things that killed the old chat were a rule against lurkers, and difficulty of setup. With Discord, both of those are alleviated. I welcome anyone to join, and have fun! I'll edit this post with the link soon!

PS - May I use the logo for the chat icon, please?

PPS - Initial setup completed, one must have been a member of Discord for more than 5 minutes. Once you've introduced yourself, I can assign a custom role if you'd like one, and allow you into general. Link:

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