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Bumping this up yet again . . . .

For the love of Pete (or whomever): If another member posts a comment that is better suited for Fratching, do NOT - I repeat, do NOT respond to it.

Whether or not you agree with the comment is immaterial - you're only adding fuel to the flame in a manner of speaking. Besides, that kind of discussion clearly belongs on Fratching!!!

Infractions are being handed out for this. I've just issued 2 this morning (and yes I've had my coffee already.)

The rules are there for a reason - and not hard to follow. If you have any questions about posting, please PM a moderator for advice and guidance. We're not bad guys here, we're members too. But we're also helping Raps and you guys keep this site the friendly, welcoming and laid back place we've come to be known as.

Let's work together, folks.
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