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When our techs are out surveying and they find a home where the gas meter is inside, they leave a card on the door asking the customer to call (our number is listed) and schedule a meter inspection.
My last rental place had the meter inside, and that was a pain to deal with. They always tried to come during the day, since apparently the don't realize most people work during the day. They'd end up doing an estimate, which was much higher than what we actually used. When we moved out, they ended up owing us a couple hundred dollars. Not sure why they couldn't transfer the credit to the new house, but then nothing about that company really made much sense.

At some point, they sent us something telling us they had to get an actual reading, and asked us to schedule an appointment. They tried to give me a weekday appointment, and I told him, I work during the week. So they suggested another day, which also happened to be a weekday, and I repeated that I work during the week. They finally caved in an arranged a Saturday appointment.
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