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I'm guilty of this as well. I know I was set off by a couple of posts that said they hated it when customers while smile and ask how they were doing. I thought "WTF?!? What in the bowels of Hell do you want from us then?"

Of course, my crime wasn't the thought ... it was posting while annoying. I'll try to avoid that in the future.

I'm really glad to see Brain Burps. We've ALL done some things where clearly our brain was in Neutral (or Park) ... and I really don't think it's fair to anyone to call someone sucky because they had an off moment.

Is it unbelievably annoying to be asked where the DVDs multiple times before lunch when you are standing under then 3-meter high sign that says "DVD"? Oh yeah. But, is it sucky that maybe someone is having a fabulously shitty day and missed the sign? No.

That's why I like Brain Burps. Annoying yes .. sucky, _probably_ not.
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