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From wikipedia's Firefox 2 article:

Firefox 2.x was end-of-lifed in December, 2008.[14] With roughly 26 months of support, only Firefox 3.6 was supported longer. The Gecko 1.8.1 browser core continued to receive patches for projects such as Camino, K-Meleon, and SeaMonkey, even after official Firefox releases had ceased.

By 2011, the 1.8.1 core had become obsolete, as major websites dropped support for it[15] by employing newer technologies for presentation and complex scripting.[16][17] The latter can be resource-intensive with the older core, and users stuck with it should use NoScript[18] to avoid issues with scripts that take too long to process (at the cost of losing some or all site features beyond basic functionality).
It sounds like this could very well explain the slowness you've mentioned. Either try NoScript, or can you perhaps grab Chrome and give it a go to see how it behaves?
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