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WTF? Why would the CTB care whether the "coffin nails" were sold at the express register, or elsewhere? Or was it a case of "You are only allowed to sell tobacco at ONE register", and the STORE chose to put it on the express lane?

Why would the store even sell wholesale quantities? After all, an unexpected large purchase would leave them out-of-stock on a popular brand, and piss off a few dozen people who came in for a pack of smokes. I know I've seen (at truck stops) signs on the tobacco displays saying "$Tobacco_company does not permit sales of over 5 cartons per day to any one customer".
Well, understand that the wholesale club did not sell cigarettes by the pack. Only by the carton. Understand also that the wholesale club by and large DOES keep a lot of cigarettes in stock, so even those resellers weren't coming anywhere close to depleting our stock.

As for the CTB and the only-at-these-registers rules, I believe there was a bit of controversy or something over whether some of the bulk purchasers were genuinely buying multiple cartons of cigarettes for resale purposes. I live in Northern Virginia, where cigarettes are going to be cheaper than they are in Maryland or the District, or points north. I know for a fact that some customers would buy a couple of cartons at our store, and then take them up to relatives in New York or New Jersey, where cigarettes are much more expensive. (I know this because they point-blank told me that's what they were doing.)

It was harder, I think, for the CTB to keep track of all the taxes, etc. when cigarettes were being rung through at all the registers, as opposed to just one or two. So they cracked down. Customers didn't particularly like it at first, but they understood our hands were tied about it. "Uncle Sam says jump," and all that.
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