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Myra, when you get your eyes dialated, you just can't see about 2 feet in front of your face - you can't focus. Driving with her eyes dialted shouldn't be an issue - it doesn't affect any of your distance vision (I just had an eye appointment this morning, so I got to do the whole hold-the-paper-at-arms-length-to-read-it thing. I felt like an old person lol (I'm 21).
There are drops that will reverse the dilation. However, you'll still have the effects for a few minutes until it wears off. The last time I had that done, I had to drive back to work. Even with sunglasses, it was interesting--especially driving through the Liberty Tunnels. Imagine going from bright sunlight, into the tunnels...and not being able to remove the sunglasses because it was too bright in there, yet dark enough to require headlights
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