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Starting a ;Support each other movement"
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Default Starting a ;Support each other movement"

Ok lately I've been sharing things on facebook and twitter of things I find awesome. I'd like to expand this by inviting my friends to send me things to share.. music/art/things they have made... but here is the thing I have the dreaded foot in the mouth disease. If somebody sent me something I was not fond of I would not share it, and I would tell them why.. which probably means this is a bad idea. Thoughts?

I feel I should explain here. I know people share/retweet all the time. Usually without the permission of the other person. Joining this would be giving permission. Also I am not talking physical items, but pictures of them (or links). No personalization "for exposure" BS. No 'send me stuff in the mail' etc.. If you join and want me to share/retweet a picture, link a song, etc you'd just message me with it with the phrase "Support each other". If you join and see a link/picture you like share/retweet with the phrase "Support Each other".. is this a stupid idea???
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