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No, no, and HELL no. the moment she hit you with the cane it's assault. Don't give a damn if the senile old bat is blind or not. UN ACC EPT A BLE. I'd have dropped everything right there on the floor and walked off. There's no law ANYWHERE that says you have to put up with that behavior, and management CAN NOT legally require you to do so.
100% completely agree. You can fire me if you want to for refusing to help a customer, and even though I don't know the law that great, I'm almost positive I can sue the company if they do fire me. However I don't think any business is going to tolerate any customers, regardless of their handicaps, to hit me with anything, regardless of how hard they hit me or if they miss me. You do something like that, I'm done with you, asshole.
There are 1 or 2 of my many friends that I know, who will respond in kind to anyone who assaults them, at work or off work. May not be the right thing to do, and I personally would really have to hold myself back from retaliating, but these kinds of people deserve it. I was just wondering, if companies allowed employees to fight back, people would quickly understand that they cannot get away with stupid shit like this. Should it be allowed? I would not blame a single employee who fought back, as long as they aren't beating the customer to death