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And the above comments are why this is so frustrating and angering to me. The kids start guilt tripping the parents about all of their failings being due to the bad way they were raised. The parents fall for it and start enabling the kids. Once that habit is established, the parents can't seem to find a way out and do such things as cashing out their retirement accounts to pay to get their kids out of yet another fix.

Many "rehab" places out here prey on that. Give us an amazing amount of money and in 6 weeks, your kid/spouse/self will be substance abuse free and self sufficient! We will get them off the drugs/booze and help them get jobs so they can start paying their own bills.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't. Lets house a whole bunch of recovering addicts together in an area where drugs are easy to get and trust that 6 weeks of being clean is enough to treat the addiction and expect them to get jobs without having transportation. What could possibly go wrong with that plan?