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What I am finding so odd is that there are accusations that we made assumptions that our site was being trashed, and threw the first punch to start this mess.

So, this person had been banned from another customer venting site, which by their own admission was their ONLY outlet, and was ironically named "" on exactly the same day as they were banned here, and a mod there had sent a message saying that
she has her own personal problems, having fallen behind on her mortgage, that this was 'just as bad if not worse' as (my situation), and that I should be 'ashamed' for asking for help, as she would never 'stoop so low',
when, oddly enough, after the member said that they "really do pray that (I) never have to go through an experience like the one I am currently enduring," I sent a PM saying:
I may not have gone through exactly what you are dealing with, and I never will, but I have experienced my own share of pain and misfortune.

I am this close to losing my home because my 45 year old husband died with no insurance 5 years ago, and I have been struggling on my own ever since.

I have had all my utilities cut off in the past year.
I have lost my phone and internet service.

I have had creditors and collection agents calling me daily.

I am under incredible pressure at my job.

I have stress and pressure in my home life.

Not once have I appealed to the membership to please help me keep my home.
I have never started a charitable request asking for help from the membership, and have NEVER mentioned my troubles on the board outside of the mod forum.
Yeah, it's not the same thing as (this person's situation), but it's pretty damn stressful thinking I could be homeless any day.

So, as the old saying goes, walk in my shoes before rushing to judgment or making comparisons or assumptions that a person has no idea what it's like from your side of the glass.

As a matter of fact, I am in the middle of a great deal of personal stress, so, if there are any more questions, please pass them on to Rapscallion or another of the mods, as I do not have the mental strength at the moment.. I jumped to a conclusion that I was being referred to???
Another mod on a completley different forum which we shall call also mentioned mortgage issues???

What a bizarre universe we live in.

And, lest I be accused of "doctoring the PM," as happened on the FB page where it is being claimed that I jumped to my conclusions and was wrong about the site and mod being referred to, I do have a screenprint, but hesitate to post it as it would identify the person.
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