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I'd be willing to settle on bankruptcy and forced resignation, rather than the "caught in bed with two transvestites" scandel that usually hits politions.
Scandals don't have to be sex and/or drugs. They can very easily be something else, political or otherwise.

If you don't believe me, ask the current Governor of Illinois (selling Senate seat), Spiro Agnew (selling influence), Richard Nixon (questionable financial dealings, spying, break-ins, cover-ups, abuse of power), Ronald Reagan (Iran-Contra), Rep. William Jefferson (taking bribes), Katherine Harris (Florida's Secretary of State during the infamous 2000 election), J. Fife Symington III (former Arizona Governor convicted of federal bank fraud charges), David Duke (racist comments/actions), John Rocker (racist/intolerant comments), Michael Richards (racist comments), Mel Gibson (anti-Semitic comments), or the current Prime Minister of Canada (dissolving Parliament).

Sure, the sex and drug scandals are the ones we remember best, sometimes even more than violent crimes (Hello Brett Myers! Hello Ray Lewis! Hello Rae Carruth! Hello Maurice Clarett!), but they are clearly not the only ones.

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