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Dawn answers "If we knew how to drop whatever it is that causes other species to view us as they do, we would. Sapputiyok may have to do the examination, since we can not. As for transportation and the rest..." she taps something on her wrist, and all of you are transported (not far from the crime scene) to a room that would do for an autopsy, and with a few more taps all the items needed for one show up. "His name translates to Spirit Walker."

She pauses, then gathers herself "I am one of the very few who has seen death before, as I have been outside our dimension. He was as close to a 'holy man' to us as one could get. Even among my kind which are considered the most caring, compassionate, and good.. he was one of the best of us."

After gathering herself a little more. "A Dahhawk is..." she taps something on her wrist and you see a hologram of something that looks like the combination of a griffin and a's a nice size also. Very hard to miss. "that. There is one more piece of information I need to give you. I am considered a suspect by my people, as I have been 'outside' of Utopia. Since I have experienced 'evil' first hand, I am one of the few considered capable of it. Which is why I brought an outside agency in. To prove my innocence."
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