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Sapputiyok looks a little ill as Colt cuts into the body. Xe seems unable to speak as xe stares at the incision. Looking like xe might vomit, Sapputiyok turns away from Colt and the body, closing xer eyes and closing off xer sixth sense.

After a moment, Sapputiyok turns back to Colt. "Pardon me, it's just that... you TOUCHED him." Sapputiyok looks at Colt's hands on the body with revulsion. Xe sees the look of shock on Colt's face and xe looks away, embarrassed. "I'm... I'm sorry. I should explain." Xe crosses xer arms and begins to pace.

"Among my people, touching is reserved almost exclusively for immediate family and... lovers. The only exceptions are emergencies and the offering of hands to a superior. It is not unusual for a superior to refuse the offer of hands, since taking a lower class person's hands is often viewed as bringing the superior down to their level. Touching without consent is an insult of the highest order. If you touch someone who is your superior, you are saying you don't recognize their higher standing, that they are equal to you. If you touch someone who is of lower class, you will be viewed by your peers to have lowered yourself. And the lower-class person you touched could be subject to punishments, in order to bring your standing back to where it was.

"Those who deal with the dead are not simply the lowest class - they are outcasts. They live on the edges of society, avoided unless they are needed. By touching Spirit Walker's body, even more by cutting into him, you would be marking yourself as untouchable. I know that your society doesn't view it this way, but please remember that it's hard for me to overcome the views I was raised with."
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