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Fuck you too lady
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Default Fuck you too lady

Phone rang a couple of minutes ago so I answer with my usual greeting and company spiel,
no response
I say hello again
again, no response
hello again
Still nothing.
So I say "nothing heard, goodbye"

30 seconds later the phone rings again, repeat the greeting etc, this time there's a cranky lady on the line
"you hung up on me"
excuse me?
"you hung up on me, that was very rude"
I'm sorry, did you call a moment ago, I said hello several times and there was no response.
" I was talking and you just hung up"
I'm afraid all I heard was silence at this end. I even said nothing heard before I terminated the call
"I was talking and you just hung up on me."
Well as I said I couldn't hear anything at this end and I even said so. In any case I can hear you now, how can I help you
"I'm calling from company X, I need to order product Y"
I'm sorry we don't supply that you'll need to contact company Z
"fine" and then she hung up on me.
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