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Not fair, leaving us hanging like that.
Oh there will be more stories. Lots more, but sadly nothing came from the ones already posted. While I got a good look at Mr. Square Stomach the owner of the place never pressed charges, nor even called the cops when I let them know what happened as I didn't actually see them put anything into their coat. As for the second alarm story, since we never saw anything (I went from around the front toward the back, they were long gone) nothing came of that either. Who knows what they got away with.

Now for an EWWW moment. We had closed for the holidays and were doing an inventory at 'Sam and Deans'. I find a bottle of pasta sauce from 7 years ago (as in it's expiration date said it expired 7 years ago). This happened.

Me : Well me of course.
Lucifer (Lets call him L) : My supervisor.
Crowley (Lets call him C) :
Bobby (Lets call him B) :

M - "Hey L, I found this in the back of the shelf, it's been expired seven years."
L - "Ok, put it with the rest."
M - "The rest which will go back on the shelf?"
L - "Yeah."
C - "Don't worry about it, just do it."
M - "O..k"
B - "It expired seven years ago?!"
M - "Yeah."
B - "Give it here, I will take care of it."
M - *hands it over to B*

Nothing was said about it by them after, but you read that right. L and C had just wanted me to put it with everything else, where it would end up back on the shelf. So after everybody had left in the morning, I stuck around to talk to the owners.

M - Me again
O1 - Owner One
O2 - Owner Two

Before I could get a word out.

O1 - "B told us what went on last night, did you find anything else that had expired?"
M - "I didn't, but who knows what else was found"
02 - "We are doing inventory again tonight, you find anything set it aside and show us tomorrow morning."
M - "Ok..but you know L and C wanted me to put that BACK on the shelf right? If they found anything expired, it might have gone back on the shelf."
01 - *nods* "We are having B recheck everything they checked, we hired a couple of temporary people to help him. We will find it if so."
02 - "We will also let them know that expired goods do NOT go back on the shelf."

That was the last I officially heard of it, but L and C did make my life miserable while I worked there from then on. (Which wasn't long, because the owners sold out and I found a better job).
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