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All the Mechs here At La-Dee-Dodge are cracking up over the sticker fix. They want a sharpie to save all that time scraping and putting new stickers on the cars when they insp them.

Specimen 5 -

Here’s a little quick math quiz. Pencils ready?

*Cost of a yearly Pennsylvania State Safety Inspection for your vehicle assuming you pass and need no repair work – $33

*Cost of a traffic citation for not having a current PSI for your vehicle – approx. $175 once all fees are assessed.

*Cost of one “Sharpie” brand felt-tip pen – $1.88

*Cost of a ticket, tow and storage for 2 days when your apartment complex manager notices your ham-fisted attempt to dodge the complex’s “all vehicles must be duly registered and inspected” rule? - More than all three of the above COMBINED.

Guess which one he went with? Go on, guess!

EXTRA CREDIT - The bemused look on my face as I hear you arguing with Beantown over my shoulder about how you “don’t understand” why you got towed – priceless
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