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I don't recall whether I was a member here when you were around . I don't post my stuff on FB even though none of my current coworkers are "friends" because why take the risk ...

I work as a grocery store cashier but the sucky customers at my store are rare indeed. It's often more of a case (especially now, with the COVID issue) of people not thinking. I often have to ask people to please back up, away from the customer currently at the card reader, but to date everybody has been "Oops, sorry" about it. Ditto for the times when I have to say "I'm sorry, but you can only have [two cans of soup] or [one package of TP]." The worst I get is 'Oh, sorry, I didn't see a sign" said in a polite tone of voice. I'm damn sure the signs are up there, but again, the customers are polite and non-argumentative about it, so I figure it's just a case of not seeing what was actually there, which is quite common.

It's definitely gotten quieter around here, which may or may not be a good thing (fewer people being sucky??)
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