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If Lucas wanted to avoid angry fans, there are a few things he could have done differently, most notably:

- Don't add gratuitous CGI to a remake of A New Hope. One "add-in" he could have done that I wouldn't have minded would be to add a chalkboard behind the bar in the Mos Eisly cantina with betting odds on the pod races (to tie in with Phantom Menace - how can a popular sport disappear completely in one person's lifetime?)

- Don't try to undo the canon - HAN SHOT FIRST!

- Don't give Jar Jar Binks any screen time.
Frankly, there was nothing Lucas could have done to avoid hatred. The anti-Lucas hatred is pretty much completely irrational by this point, an internet mob mentality. Lucas even said that the irrational, impossible-to-please fans who hated anything he did, no matter what it was, is a lot of why he sold Lucasfilm: he concluded that many of the fans were impossible to please and would hate ANYTHING he did after the ANH and ESB.

As for undoing the canon, Disney did far worse when they rebooted Star Wars and threw out 37 years worth of canon (and the vast bulk of Star Wars canon at that) for their remake movie and has actively worked on social media to demonize both the original canon and the fans of the original canon, like when Pablo Hidalgo tweeted last week asking people to please stop talking about Mara Jade. I guess people talking about Luke's loving wife who was a Jedi Knight herself and mother to his son is distracting from the fact that in the Disney reboot he abandoned his promise to Yoda and threw away his status as the heir to the Jedi tradition to live in self-imposed exile, and that in the original canon he re-founded the Jedi Order and even when one of his first students turned to the Dark Side that didn't stop him, while to Disney, as soon as one student fell, Luke gave up on teaching and became a hermit.

As for how podracing disappeared, the Expanded Universe had since explained that. . .it was banned by the Empire, an edict from Lord Vader (seeing podracing discussed in the media brought back painful memories from him, Vader struggled with a LOT of bad memories of being Anakin, it's also why he refused to go to Tatooine ever, explaining why Obi-Wan hid there and hid Luke there, and why he send stormtroopers down there in ANH to find the droids instead of going down there with them)