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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It's a horrible thing when parents neglect their own children and let them run wild. It makes me angry and, above all, incredibly sad to see people who take their children's lives and health for granted. I cry every time I read a story here or see something in the news where a child is neglected, put at risk or abused...

Yes, kids can be annoying and sucky; it's perfectly fine to vent about it here on the forums. Those stories need to be told because some parent might read them and rethink how they are raising their children. Who knows? One of you may have saved someone's child from being kidnapped or drowning just by posting a story that made some reader think better of letting their child run loose in a store or a hotel. Posting those stories is a good thing.

But sucky behavior isn't any more the child's fault than it's a dog's fault for pooping on a neighbors lawn because the owner doesn't care enough to train it or pick up after it.

And yet you don't see people calling dogs all these horrible names on the forums.

Sorry for rambling, there. I guess I've been holding that in for a while and this seemed like a good place to say it.
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