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I was going to put this in its own thread, but since I consider it a "Groaner", I figured I'd put it here:

A fairy godmother decides to go into business for herself, and sets up her own shop. On her first day in business, a yellow toad comes into the shop.

"I'm tired of being yellow," he tells her, "I'm tired of people staring at me and making fun of me. I want to be green like the other toads."

"No problem!" says the fairy godmother. She waves her wand, and the toad turns green, except for his penis, which is still yellow.

"Well, this isn't going to work!", he complains, "You need to do something about this!"

"I'm afraid I can't do anything about that", she tells him, "You'll have to see the wizard for that."

"Well, how do I get to the wizard?"

She fumbles around, trying to remember how to get there, but after a bit of confusion, she finally figures it out. The toad leaves the store and starts making his way to the wizard.

Not even a minute later, a pink elephant comes into the shop.

"I'm tired of being a pink elephant", he tells her. "I want to be gray like the other elephants."

So she waves her wand, and the elephant turns gray, except for his penis.

The elephant complains about it, and the fairy godmother tells him he'll need to see the wizard.

"How do I get to the wizard?", he asks.

Not wanting to give out all the complicated directions again, she tells him, "Just follow the yellow-dick toad."
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