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Default yet another noob

Hi everyone... got to this forum through some random surfing... signed up so I could read the church lady saga. I've never worked retail, but have worked food service and in a call center. I've been out of customer service for 6+ years. I'll mostly be here to read the funny stuff you all post and to learn how to be a better non-sucky customer.

what killed CS for me was my time in the call center. It was inbound only for a credit monitoring service (think but offered by your credit card company). So everyone who called me fit into one of the following categories:

1: curious about why they were sent a notification about changes to their credit report
2: sucky credit, pissed off that they were denied credit and wanted to know why
3: victim of fraud/identity theft... understandably pissed
4: trying to cancel the service and livid that they were charged monthly once the "trial period" was over
5: trying to cancel somebody else's service so that they can commit credit fraud against that person.

so, basically I spent 8.5 hours per day getting yelled at by pissed off people.

now I'm in software and systems engineering... much better.