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Don't you just love when the bossman finds out that the minions are about to cost the company $$$$$ in bad PR (word of mouth) over a $ battery? (Especially when it's something that should have gotten spotted at the dealership to begin with) Having a reputation can be a damn GOOD thing sometimes.
Well I was willing to wait until the next day, I didn't like the answer I got but when I was there earlier they were real busy, so Oh well. I didn't have any plans on bad-mouthing them as everyone messes up now and again. They brought a battery and replaced it but they also replaced the alternator and some of the wiring. Other than have to replace the battery due to age a few years ago I've had very few problems with all being small (Thank the Lord.)

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That I could see.

The boss man was the Gen Mgr, or the guy one below the owner, so he says do it, so I did it. But I still noted it was his idea.
Hey, CYA is good and I practice that when I need to do so.
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