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The only way this is ever going to stop is if every customer who is stuck at an express line behind someone with more than the requisite number of items complains to the manager. Eventually the sheer number of complaints will make corporate have to choose; annoy the customer breaking the rules by making them leave the line, or annoy the many more customers keeping to the rules?
If you really think that would happen, I'm sure you can find some good deals on bridges in NYC.

What will happen is Corporate will get complaints from both sides, and Corporate will tell the store managers to make sure that Express Lanes are for people with the right amount of items... without telling the cartfulls to go to other lanes. Corporate of course lives in Wonderland where doing impossible things like that is perfectly normal thing to do before breakfast after all.

In any case, as others have noted, more and more, Express Lanes seem to be replaced by Self Checkouts and that seems to be slightly improving the situation. Or at least for me, I generally prefer the SCO and will use it when I can; but I normally only have express-lane numbers of items to buy anyways.