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The Hotel - Heading Back to Their Rooms - Lupo & Kiki

For all that she's sticking to the shadows and trying to be unobserved, Fate apparently decrees that the warrior and the spy end up in the same elevator car as they head back to their respective rooms. He knows she's in the car, though her natural tendency to just blend in means she's juuust sliding out of his perception. Kiki, meanwhile, can't not pay attention to Lupo. Partly because she knows he's a scion, and partly because his divine heritage manifests in that Presence, which tends to make all eyes turn to him.

Kiki's cell phone, even if she had muted it, suddenly makes the "alert" sound, and she'll find she's got a new text message. It's from the same phone number that Art and Anna gave her, for the scions' "intel specialist." The message reads Tell Wolfe about the Titanspawn in the lobby. Evidently said specialist wants the two of them to be aware of each other.

The Hotel - Walking About the Lobby - Riley & Mattieu

Mattieu just smiles that same lazy smile. "I don' throw nothin' away, chere. I's play for keeps, me. Luck o' the draw jus' go your way. We see how things go dis next time, no?"

It's funny, but it almost seems like her odds-calculating power gets a bit wonky around him, like he's screwing up the odds just by walking through the room, and not merely in the way a new variable should. Interesting thing to note.

Cantwell Park and later the Hotel - Pictsie Pizza Party - Liam

When the pizza arrives (extra cheese), the pixies dig into it with gusto, cheering and devouring it in mere seconds, a few scuffles breaking out over who gets the eat the melted cheese that stuck to the box. Cantwell gets a bit more than the others, as the spokesman, and he sits back, rubbing a tummy which looks slightly distended.

"Aye, dinna fash yerself, MacQueen," the pixie declares. "We pixie fowk ken wotta monster yon Crowson is. We'll find 'im." He looks and sees that the other pixies have fallen into fighting one another, so he jumps to his feet, belches a bit, which seems to restore his body shape to normal, then stomps his feet a few times before putting two fingers in his mouth and whistling sharply. The pixies turn to him. "Oi, you lot, let's go! Find t'e Crowson and then tell MacQueen where he be!"

There's a chorus of agreement, and then the pixies are just gone, leaving Liam with an empty pizza box. After he disposes of it and walks back to the hotel, he'll feel that slow pulse that he'd felt-- the heartbeat of the World-- fading as he leaves the greener areas for urban development, where its 'voice' is muted.
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