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We had a mean drunk once. He was a total asshole after a few sniffs. He went after all the other cats, bit hubs and hissed at me. He spent the night in the drunk tank (bathroom) and woke up totally confused as to why he was locked up. A couple of weeks ago, we tried it again with the same results. After that, he got locked up in the bathroom when we gave catnip to the others cause we didn't think everyone should be deprived because of 1 jerk.

Out of Africa is trying to re-open, but their business plan (like other entertainment venues) depends on crowds. I am starting to worry about what will happen to the critters if it goes under.

At the junction of I17 and H69 is a small commercial area with a couple of gas stations and a McDonalds. As one comes out of the drive-thru, one can see a park with a fenced in dog area. In my opinion, that looks like a better option for allowing dogs to run around unleashed, but what do I know? Letting little dogs and kids run around in a busy fast food franchise parking lot seems to be a much better option to 99% more people than me.
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