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Rick's comment illicits a chuckle from Vlaad. "You will find that much you think you know about us is wrong. The story books are just that ... stories."

Sunny feels a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and a sweet looking elderly lady pats her on the back. "There there young one, it is ok. Nobody will force you to do anything you do not want. Me and Gregor will see to that." A bear of a man, who looks maybe Romanian nods in gruff agreement. "We will protect you the best we can if you decide you can not help."

"Ju vill find ve are being tougher then they think." 'Gregor' says with a rather thick accent.

Van Helsing looks around. "For those who are helping, we are going to be splitting up in some groups. The main group is going to distract Malbozia, the other teams are going to protect the artifacts. I will pair you up, and your team leader will give you your instructions from there."

Van Helsing points to Rick. "Your with Jason and Hilda." Both of which are of a good size, though Rick is slightly larger then both of them. "Jason will be team leader..hes been around awhile."

Arisa is next "You are with Vlaad and Mina. Vlaad of course will be the team leader."

He seems to think about Reggie "We don't have many zombies." He ponders for a bit. "AH! Perfect. Lema? Would you Krisss introduce yourself? Lema will be team leader."

Lema introduces herself as a Hydra, and Krisss appears to be a basilisk.

Van Helsing comes to Bes. "Mummy did you say? Tut would be the most sensible person to pair you with, but the second should be somebody a bit .. different...I think you will like her. Meet Enestia, the sphinx." An Egyptian beauty gives a slight bow. "Ene will be the team leader." Tut starts to protest. "Listen I know you have been around a long time, but Ene is known for her wisdom. You KNOW she is the right choice." Tut reluctantly nods in agreement.

He comes to Fiona, and for a moment his face shows sadness. "I regret that your ancestor could not be here with us, she was lost in the last war. A fierce fighter if ever there was one. Not many of your kind survived, for the demons are not immune to their power, and feared it. I am afraid I will have to team you up with a couple of people who do happen to be immune. Gregor there, you can't turn to stone what is already stone." Gregor grins, which is a bit unnerving for some reason. "He is a gargoyle. San Che will be a good leader, he may be blind..but his wisdom is great. He is a Yeti, but he studied for centuries in a Shaolin monastery." An elderly, and somewhat frail looking, man gives a bow.

For Elspeth he thinks long and hard. "There are several of us here who know about the beast within, and struggle with it. Again, your ancestor is not here with us..such a tragic loss..but many of us face our own inner demons. I think you will be on my team, with Ethel." The woman who is trying to cheer up Sunny gives a slight smile and nod.

He looks at Livia. "I will put you with Cain, and he will lead you and Astir." Astir is a rather large werewolf himself, though nowhere near the size of Cain ((Yes THAT Cain, you who's name is Abel?))

Finally he looks at Sunny. "I have something special for you if you will help. A task of great importance, but conflict will probably be avoided. In a museum in Egypt there is a tablet, on it is the incantation we will need to defeat Malbozia once his minions are dealt with. I will send Nanti and Nomain to help .. if you wish to go.." he points to a Sasquatch and a Ghost. Both known to be stealthy.

((The next post will have your individual missions))
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