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Exile and I discussed how Lizzie joined the crew, and this is what we came up with:

Lizzie is fired from her last job on Londonium and can no longer find work. She tries looking for work on Londonium, but her reputation precedes her, until she runs out of money and is about to be evicted. While doing so, she spends time in a club near her apartment and meets a handsome patron of the club she'd never met before, mutual seduction between Lizzie and the patron occurs. Afterwards she mentions she's about to lose her place and laments that despite medical degree she cannot find work. Patron mentions sometimes transport vessels need medics to patch up wounded in space where accidents have been known to occur with no other medical personnel within days of travel. After the patron leaves, she takes the idea and searches codex for possible job postings on travelling ships. Though she wants to stay on Londonium because of friends and lovers there, she feels she must do whatever it takes to not end up destitute. Replies to cortex post, meets crew member Mando Alvarez who has been authorized to handle hiring of medic. Mando accepts Lizzie after trying to arrange vidconference with captain and being told to "handle it". (Wouldn't even read the resume.) Lizzie quickly grabs up belongings with help of crew. Later after having left atmo, set course, and contacted next port destination captain finally emerges to meet the crew's new medic. Lizzie "officially" meets Captain Zhan Cook, recognizing him as the patron that suggested she find work on a transport vessel.
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