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Dude, run a background check first!
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Default Dude, run a background check first!

So I get an interesting call today from an agency - fairly reputable sounding and they had gotten my details off of SEEK (as I am starting to look for work again - no I haven't been fired, am looking to move).

The one problem however, was that they saw the words "student mentor coordinator" on my profile, somehow assumed that I'm actually qualified as a student mentor (I'm not and for my particular role, you don't need to be since it's basically scheduling) and were trying to offer me short-term work in that regard!

Thing is though, is that there are a TON of requirements you need to meet before you can set foot in a hospital or facility around immunisation and police checks. But nope, they just offered me work straight outta the blue.

And the kicker? When I checked their website, they had jobs in literally every single field BUT the one that I coordinate the student mentors for!