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I'm of the "drive it until it dies" school of car ownership, so couldn't care less about resale value. I seriously question how those who have meltdowns if the four-wheel jewelry/surrogate phallus gets bumped by a shopping cart or some such trivia can bear to take Precious out on the road to encounter dirt (shudder), rocks (whimper), road debris (snivel), or other vehicles (wails of horror).

Also not worried about resell of my house but I also don't shit on the floor.
I paid good $$ not to drive a shitbox I can put my own marks on it I don't others help.
Yes I'm that vain that I like to keep my car looking nice as possible.

On the flip side I don't get people who buy cars or guns and never use them. It's like not fucking your wife so the 2nd husband has a better lay.
I can get behind 2 elements of ‘gun control’:

Windage and Elevation.
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