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Okay, getting things back on track with an update!

Mistakes were made by someone and I'm sick of it:

One of the great joys of our entire department was that we printed all of our journal entries to paper and filed them in numerical order in binders; usually one binder per month. If you ever needed reference backup for anything, look up the number, pull the binder, and dig in. Clunky, fraught with paper cuts, and of course, things would get filed out of order. But it worked, and pretty much nothing was missed, ever, just occasionally misplaced.

Normally, if you found stuff misfiled, you just reordered it and went on with your life. Cranky Bungler, of course, felt the need to remove the misfiled entries, carry them to the desk of the person who made the mistake, and plop them down on top of whatever that person was currently working on while loudly saying: "Misfiled!" And then she would just walk away. Ostensibly, this was to 'teach everyone to be responsible.' Yeah, how about just because she was a bitchy control freak.

The very last time she ever did that to me, I picked up the entry, walked back to Cranky and the book

Me: Show me how I misfiled it, because when I put it in there, mine was the only entry in the book. In fact, I made the label on the outside because we needed a new binder.

Cranky: I don't know what to tell you, it was out of order.

Me: Okay, fine. Show me where. Which entries were around it and who made them? Because that is who misfiled, not me.

Cranky: Wow, you really take things personally. Just put it back in order like an adult.

Me: I did that yesterday with the three entries that you misfiled. And I didn't feel the need to rub it your face. That's how adults do it where I come from.

Cranky: Don't take an attitude with me for your mistake.

Me: *picking up an empty binder* This, is what it looked like when I got to it. *open binder, drop entry in, drop binder on Cranky's desk* Show me how that is misfiled.

Cranky: Look, just fix your mistake.

ABL: Cranky! I heard the whole thing. This is pointless and Gerrinson clearly didn't do it. From now on, the rule is that if anyone finds misfiled entries, just fix them yourself and don't make a big deal out of it. I'm sending an email so we'll all have it in writing. Now, both of you get back to work.

Cranky looked like she got stuck with a mouthful of fresh lemon. And lost one of her favorite past times. Too bad, so sad.

And then woosh! An opening appears and Cranky goes for it:

In a brief interlude that had three of us prepping resignation letters, Awesome Boss Lady put in her 2 weeks notice and left. The only person in our office who announced they were putting in for the controller position was Cranky.

After several weeks of interviews, it was announced that someone had been chosen, and it was an internal hire. I was ready to walk out on the spot if it turned out to be Cranky. Judging by her Cheshire Cat grin, she was sure it was her. Turns out Report Queen had also put in for the job. And she got it!

Bullet dodged!

Also, RQ will henceforth be known as New Awesome Boss Lady or NABL.

Collegiate Prejudice:

Cranky avoided NABL for several weeks, likely to NABL's pleasant surprise. When NABL was in meetings, Cranky would make a big deal of making loud phone calls to various places that were theoretically considering for employment. She did several phone interviews from work. On her work phone. In her cube. In the middle of the day.

And in every one of those calls, she made a big deal out of the fact that she had a degree from Bentley College. A huge deal. She couldn't understand how her current employer would pass up a Bentley graduate for someone with a degree from <local community college> which is why she was looking for *insert position here* with their company. This eventually led to the rest of us talking about our degrees, with CB helpfully weighing on the validity of them.

Foreign Coworker got her degree in her native country. CB figured that was a bit sketchy - is that really anywhere near as good as US schools? FC was put out by that suggestion for some reason that confused CB. Wonder why?

Quiet Guy had gone to CB's alma mater and had the same degree. Obviously he was cool.

That's when we learned Even Newer Clerk had also gone to CB's alma mater, and had the same degree. CB's comment was that even the lower graded students had to get jobs, but at least ENC was holding down the clerk position. Whereas CB had never taken a position lower than a full on accountant in her career. ENC was pissed off, and again, CB was confused as to why.

Lastly, we got to me, where I jokingly pointed out I only have a 2 year liberal arts degree from <local community college> and I'm qualified to serve fries with that. CB was flabbergasted as to how I ever got a real job with a liberal arts degree. So, I let fly with the name dropping, because CB and I had a very antagonistic working relationship for some reason.

Me: Well, first, I only took the minimum required 'fluff' courses - history, literature, environmental studies, etc. 3 of my 4 semesters worth of credits were accounting, physics, advanced mathematics, and computer programming. All subjects with real world applications. And then, of course, I interned with <local accountant> who graduated from Harvard and my internship mentor was <local NPO CEO/millionaire> who went to Yale. Those opportunities gave me a solid real world base in business experience. And my mentor at <college> was <dept. head> who used to work for <defense contractor> and <alphabet soup government agency>. My degree isn't much to look at, but it was built on a solid foundation of business, financial, and mathematical excellence. Also, all three of them were on my reference list when I applied, which ABL and VP found really impressive. Especially after speaking to them and hearing what those folks had to say about me.

CB: Well, you're just lucky to be employed. If I had NABL's job, I wouldn't keep anyone without a 4 year degree from an American college. None of this work experience people use to cover up their lack of education or equivalent experience in some foreign place I can't pronounce. And no matter who their references were.

Me: Nope, you couldn't fire me if you had NABL's job.

CB: And why not?

Me: If you had NABL's job, I would have walked out the moment they announced it.

CB: That's a terrible thing to say!

Me: The truth is often cold, hard, and totally unrelenting of one's feelings.

Everyone awkwardly retired to their own cubicles as I had managed to kill the entire conversation. Also, FC totally noticed the jibe at her own degree, which did nothing to improve interoffice relations.

New help, but not great help:

At this point, Even Newer Clerk survived long enough to get promoted! A position equal to my own was created and was given to her. Then we did the whole interview a bunch of people and try to find a good person for the clerk position thing. Then our first choice decided not to take it, which is how we wound up with Second Rate Clerk.

SRC was a drama llama. Everything her life was always dramatic, all the time. Her first husband (and baby daddy) was a no good deadbeat alcoholic drug addict who couldn't keep a job and was always in and out of jail. Her second husband, with whom she now lived, was a no good deadbeat alcoholic drug addict who couldn't keep a job and was always in and out of jail.

It took like a week, but I finally figured out that I had actually gone to high school with SRC. Her husbands were merely the latest in a very long string of extremely similar mistakes. I foolishly tried to point out that she kept trying to fix these guys and it never works out. Maybe look for someone who doesn't need fixing? Ha ha! The heart wants what the heart wants, no matter how crazy difficult it makes her life.

Despite the personal phone calls, crying sessions, etc. SRC got the job done and done on time, so I guess it could be worse. She and CB pretty much hated each other out of the gate. It was actually kind of...nice? be a spectator and not a target. Maybe I'm just a bad human being.

We'll pick up from here next time, as my notes dwindle away.