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She can dish it out, but she sure as hell can't take it.
Yeah, like most bullies, that pretty much sums her up.

And a small addition:

But it must!:

We have a small fleet of vehicles, for which we track fuel purchased & mileage. Sometimes that gets screwed up because the person with vehicle A will 'borrow' the card for vehicle E to get gas - all of our tracking comes from data gathered at the time of fuel purchases. Then we bought a backhoe. We got a fuel card for it, though the backhoe itself never went to the gas station - they take a diesel tank up in the back of a pickup truck.

I set up the backhoe for normal tracking, only to discover that usage on large pieces of heavy equipment is not measured in mileage, but in hours of use. Who knew? That being the case, I marked off the mileage as N/A. CB discovered this and came to interrogate me about it because 'we HAVE to track the mileage because all the other vehicles are that way.'

She spent over an hour running around on campus seeking out maintenance staff to question them about it, and kept running into the same brick wall: That's just the way usage is tracked on heavy equipment. Since CB didn't like that answer, she then went online and did some more research. And then she called the dealer. Finally, she came over to me and announced that heavy equipment tracks usage by hours so we can't use mileage on that one. "Be sure to make a note of that, okay?"

I know more than a doctor:

CB had a bad back. She frequently complained about being in pain. As I experience near-constant pain from any one of a variety of issues, I can understand how that can mess with someone's life. CB kept a large cold pack in the freezer of the office fridge. Every day, she would put the cold back in her chair and sit with it pressed against her lower back. At some point, when discussing pain, it was pointed out that you should cycle hot & cold rather than just cold because it could actually make the condition worse.

CB: My doctor said the same thing, but cold numbs the pain. Heat doesn't do that so I'm not going to use it.

Me: Wouldn't it make more sense to alternate and maybe heal up a bit rather than risking more damage to your back?

CB: I think I know what's best for my body, thank you.

Ooookay, then, suffer on with your righteousness. Also, the woman who was always cold sat everyday with a large cold pack against her lower back for long periods of time. Hmmm...