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Location: Summerís Cafe, Las Vegas

The one perk to living in Chicago is getting many one way flights to most major cities in the US. A lazy and relaxing 3 and a half hours later EJ finds himself on the ground. Checking some details he got from a friend he books a cab and heads out to get a room and some decent non-airline coffee.

After inquiring at the hotel, perhaps by chance, perhaps by fate, he finds himself at Summer's Cafe. His well worn trenchcoat seems, perhaps, a bit out of place. Wandering over to the counter after briefly scanning the crowd he orders a plain black coffee and a piece of apple pie. He smiles as the serving girl hands over his order, "Congratulations."

She seems a bit surprised but grins widely, "How could you tell?" In answer he holds up his hand and points to his ring finger. He silently takes his order and scans the crowd again. Ever since coming through the door his sixth sense had been going off though he hadn't quite yet determined if more than one like himself were present. Scanning over the crowd again his eyes settle on a man in the back working a needle and yarn.

He walks over with a cordial grin, "Mind if I sit here?"