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If you look at the IC thread link in the first post (very first line of the first post has it) you have an example of play.

It's a role playing game like Dungeons and Dragons except we're not using dice or any complicated systems like that to determine the outcomes of events. Instead its just a matter of agreeing that there are limits to what we can do and that the person moderating (J2K) has the final say. This game happens to be based of a table top game called Scion that's produced by White Wolf.

Essentially we're playing a game where we tell a story by taking on roles. Mytical and Myself will take on the role of just one character (possibly more if we're willing and the story really "needs" it). J2K Takes on the role of the narrator and every other character be it a supporting protagonist or the major antagonists.

And it is quite fun if you're into telling stories. Its an exercise in exploring different sides of a personality.

EDIT TO ADD: If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask

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