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Riley - Hilton, Room 909

Holtzman laughs a bit. "Hardly, my dear, I wouldn't ask that of you. One has such a thing as pride." He steps into the room and waits until the door is shut before the somewhat nebbish behavior he'd been using fades and he straightens up. "Tell me, Ms. Th--" again, that cough and clearing of the throat, "Thorsen (so sorry), what do you know of ..." he hesitates, then says, "Norse mythology. I mean, the actual stories, not the bastardized crap that Hollywood puts out?"

Liam - Outside Ripley's Oddities

Mac Dubh shakes his head and indicates with a jerk of it to move somewhere out of immediate public eye. "Funny ye should mention t'e gods, O'Keefe, 'cos it's of 'em as I wants to talk to ye." Then, after a pause, he looks Liam in the eyes and says, "What d'ye remember of yer mother?"

Lupo - Hilton, Room 630

Brighton shakes his head. "Nothing like that, it's just..." He sighs. He steps inside and runs a hand through his hair. "You read much mythology, Lupo?" he asks, looking around the room, even moving to the window as if concerned that someone would be listening outside it, even on the sixth floor.

Kiki - Hilton, Room 510

After she takes her precautions and goes to room 510, Kiki is let into the room by Anna Green, who seems to be aware of Kiki's wariness, and takes pains to show both hands. She's wearing short sleeves, too, so there's no concern of anything being hidden. Art Mooney is in view as well, likewise with his hands in plain sight. The room is a double, two beds.

"Ms. Toshioto," Art says as he sees her. He has a weary look on his face. He looks tired. "I'm glad you came. And I'm sorry you got caught up in all this." He clears his throat a bit. "Let me introduce you. Anna, this is Kiki Toshioto, a private detective my wife hired. Ms. Toshioto, I'd like you to meet my sister, Anna Green."

Now that Kiki has a chance to really look at them, there is something of a resemblance there, though... it would be hard to put a finger on it exactly. Kiki would know from her research, however, that Art Mooney doesn't have any siblings. He seems to see the doubt on her face and explains, "Now might be the best time to explain that... in a way, I'm adopted, as is Anna." He sighs then. "Ms. Toshioto, I said I would explain, and I will, but the explanation might be a little hard for you to believe. But I swear by all the gods that I would never do anything to betray Lena." He puts a hand on his heart. "May my Mother strike me down if I'm lying."

Strange that he'd say that, especially given that Gertrude Mooney died several years ago.

"Ms. Toshioto," he continues, "what do you know about Greek mythology?"
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