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(OOC: Gonna take a bit of dramatic license with Liam's departure from the glade)

Liam - The "not a park"
Liam stares entranced as the tattoo literally etches itself into his skin. Danu's words echo in his mind and he suddenly finds himself standing in the middle of Cantwell park, which is really less of a park and more of a stand of trees and a playground for kids.

The sudden sharp sound of children laughing and playing snaps him back to reality. He could not remember detouring this far off the road on his way back to the hotel. That fact alone leaves him slightly unsettled at the sway his mother holds over him.

With that thought in mind he continues his walk back to the hotel.

Riley - Still watching TV

Riley stares at the pendant for a moment and then closes her eyes and tries to will it into hammer-space. When that doesn't work she shrugs to herself and slips it around her neck and hides it under her shirt. She then resumes watching TV as if she hadn't just had a conversation with a man who appeared and disappeared from and to nowhere.