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Just copying references. Hmmm. Sort of what I've been seeing, somewhere else.

I retired almost exactly two years ago - with a few days 'change' left over. I once had an Ancestry(dot)com account, and decided to do a little more with it, now that I had the time.

I would start with an ancestor I knew about, such as a great-grandfather, and then do a search on the site for people who had that same person in their own family tree. If they'd had that line of descent a little further back in time than I did, I used the 'copy to your own tree' function.

Eventually, I ran into ancestors, in various lines of descent, who'd been historical figures, though of various magnitudes. That meant that their biographies were available in such places as academic, university-created websites.

I sometimes found-out that other people on Ancestry had made this or that person their ancestor, and cited such and such documents as their proof. Except, the dates of birth or death might be wrong, and their spouse or children wouldn't be the same as those listed on the university website reference. Just a couple of days ago, one person had a picture of a person's headstone as 'proof' that this was the person in their tree - and both the dates of birth and death (and middle name) were totally different than that of the 'known' ancestor!

After having to go back and delete most, or half, of whole lines of descent, I'm much more cautious. As an example, one of my ancestors had a wife named 'Mary.' A lot of trees simply left-out a last name, because, apparently, it simply wasn't known. This was at the end of the 1600s. But, one of the first trees I'd found when I was filling-in this line, had listed her as "Mary Cole Claiborne,' which gave me a whole slue of ancestors who were notable first settlers at the Jamestown Colony. But then, after some research, I saw that she'd been married to someone other than my own many-greats grandfather.

Addition: I've just discovered that the ancestor's name was actually Mary Coleburn, which someone had separated into Cole Claiborne, because, I assume, the latter person's own ancestors were much more interesting, and famous!

I wish there were a way I could 'flunk' these Ancestry posters!
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