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First and third pictures, dead center, there's 4 slots with white tabs (to lock things in). 2 of those slots are currently filled. THAT is where your RAM goes.

As far as how much you can put in an 8100... well, they've been using that designation for a while, for several different sets of hardware. Call it a Model name, like Escort, Mustang, Caprice. The exact specs of those machines varied from year to year, but it's the same 'model'.
Third picture, to the right of the RAM, there's a small white sticker that has a bar code and a bunch of small writing. I can't read it from here, but there may be a model # for that motherboard. Once you get that model #, you can do a Google search for the specs on that one, including max RAM.
The 8100 series shows 'stock' options going up to 16GB RAM. (4 sticks x 4GB, or 4x4GB) When you go shopping, with that Max RAM number, you'll find 4 identical somethings that adds up to the max.

Installation is remarkably easy. (at least if that big thing over it will let you get a hand in there) There's a locking tab on each side of every slot. Flip those out, all 4 slots, pull the existing RAM sticks out, and put the new ones in. They will only fit in one direction, due to that little slot, so you literally cannot get it wrong. Press it down until the locking tabs click home. Repeat for slots 2-4. Fire up computer. Verify that everything be working. Close up computer case. (Yes, fire up before closing the case. It saves a lot of grumbling and swear jar fines)