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If the existing RAM will match up with what you intend to put in, save it and just buy 2 to fill the empty slots. If they're different capacities and speeds, it's really better to run a full set of the same. Mixing is possible, but results can vary.

Now, if you go for a staggered upgrade, there IS a procedure to follow. The slots have pairings. You've got A B A B, with the 'A' slots filled. If you bought a pair of sticks, you'd put those in the 'B' slots, WITHOUT moving the existing memory. Memory REALLY likes to be paired with identical sticks in the other slot.

Okay, some further digging, and the slots are designed to handle up to 4GB per slot, for a total max of 16GB of RAM. Not bad, really.
This is what HP puts in them normally:
DDR3 SDRAM PC3-10600 (1333MHz) non ECC
The only change in what they put in is the actual capacity of the sticks. You've got 4 slots total, and can put in up to 4GB each.

If you've got 2 of those 4GB sticks already, you just need 2 more. If those sticks are 1 or 2GB each, you'd eventually swap out for the 4's.
Since you're not trying to run an uber-gaming rig, faster memory won't really do much for you except bump up the cost. Going with some of the better known manufacturers (Kingston, Crucial, G-Skil) can yield benefits in terms of reliability and free replacement.