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Links belong in Check it Out!
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Default Links belong in Check it Out!

The mods' inbox has been getting slammed lately with reports about Check it Out threads being posted in the wrong section, so this is just a little reminder about the proper usage of that section.

If you are starting a thread specifically to share a link with the community, it belongs in the "Check it Out!" section, regardless of the topic. So even if it's a story about a sucky customer, it goes in CIO, not "Sucky Customers."

(If you are replying to an existing thread with a related link, that's fine).

Also, when posting a link either in CIO or as a reply, you need to include a brief description of what you are linking to. Just putting the link with no explanation is not sufficient. So as an example, if you were posting a link to this thread, it should look something like this:


Thread discussing the proper use of the Check it Out section.
Thanks everyone!
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