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Before departing for the meeting, Rick Angstrom begged off from the GWF for a week or so. The excuse he gave was a death in the family, and apologized for the bad timing, being right after his winning the World Championship, but at least Ken McManus (the head of the GWF) was understanding and let him do so.

At the meeting, Rick wasn't exactly someone that went unnoticed by the others present. Being six-foot-eight and just so damn big in general meant that he stood out. He listened in on the lecture from the ones ... apparently running this show. One he could tell was Frankenstein's 'Monster', the next could only have been Sasquatch or something, and then Vlad "Dracula" Tepes, and finally Van Helsing.

Dracul's aura did make him sit up slightly. In the back of his head, he could feel the feral part of his brain trying to flip the switch, and felt his heartrate start to climb. With a quick series of breathing exercises, he got it under control before his change overtook him.

Digesting the situation and the question, Rick watched as the zombie stood up and pledged his support. Once Reggie sat down, the troll-kin stood.

"My name is Rick. Some of you have probably already recognized me from television, but I don't know any of you. I've lived my life trying to keep my troll-kin nature under control, because I'd be a danger to everyone around me if I lost control." He ran a hand along his shaven scalp, then stroked his beard a bit. "If what you say is true, this Malbozia would be more of a danger. I will fight with you."

In his head, the feral side of his nature, the rampaging troll side, growled in anticipation at being able to cut loose on something without worry of repercussions.
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