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Lupo - Hilton Hotel Gym

Usually these sorts of places have a few workout "bums" around, either of the sort who can't pass a gym without doing a few reps, or the kind who go there in the hopes of showing off what they got in a vain effort to boost their ego by comparing their "cuts" to someone else. Lupo's familiar with the type, of course, being something of the first type.

But the gym, instead, has only one guy working out, by the gym mats laid out for those types that like to do grappling, working out against a heavy bag. He's a pretty big guy, too, with his back to Lupo. He's wearing black workout pants and a sleeveless UnderArmor-style top his fists and wrists taped up. He's a bit tanned, clearly someone who takes pains with his appearance. A more careful look will note a few faded scars on his arms. Along with these were some extensive tattoos, some of which looked military, a look which was only emphasized by the man's shaved head.

The gym is ... rather more expansive than Lupo might have expected for a hotel, even a Hilton. It has a machine for every muscle group, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, and at least one of every kind of workout machine Lupo might have expected to find.

It's not until after Lupo's been working out for a bit that the other man finally speaks up. "Lupo Virtus," the man states. "I was wondering when you'd drop by."

The man turns around, revealing a face that... well, the man's easily a couple decades Lupo's senior, but he's aged pretty well. Even so, his face bears a efw of those faded scars as well, and his eyes tell the story. They've got that infamous 'thousand yard stare' to them, and look as old as the world. He looks familiar, too...

And that's when Lupo would recognize the voice. The same voice he heard upstairs when he was fighting that Bacchae. At that moment, just who was addressing Lupo would become clear: his Father, Mars, the God of War.

Kiki - Outside Room 510

As Kiki focuses on the crystal pendant, it suddenly shifts shape in her hand, sliding to nestle into her palm, cylindrical and slightly grooved as if made for her fingers to grip, while one end elongated and gained a sharp point and an edge. Anna whistles. "A nice little stiletto... very handy. But not a warrior or hunter's weapon. Your Mother must intend for you to be a spy."

As if to emphasize this, the crystal shifts shape again, flowing back into its original shape, before it flattens out, becoming thin and translucent, and shaped not unlike a lens. If Kiki were to hold it up to her eye, she'd see the world framed in prismatic hues, but Anna would glimmer with the same silvery light as she'd seen around her bow. A glance around would show faint trails where Anna had been walking or standing, and there were other colors faintly in the air.

And Kiki then knew, thanks to some divine connection she had with the crystalline lens, that those trails meant there were other Scions and also 'monsters' in the building.

Riley - Hilton Hotel Lobby

The lobby TV was set to the History Channel, of all things, where they happened to be taking a divergence from their usual WWII-heavy focus to talk about the French Revolution, highlighting the bloody upheavals that France went through during those troubled times.

But whatever Riley was up to, another voice interrupts. It's another person watching the news. An older gentleman, red-blond hair and a mustache, looking like your average middle management type. "Tragic business, isn't it?" the man asks conversationally. "Though it makes for at least vaguely interesting reading, doesn't it?"

He chuckles. "It's always fun to see how the littlest of things can trigger a monumental upheaval in everything. That incident there, for example," he said, pointing to the screen, where one riot was being detailed, "was because the price of bread got too high. And from there, things escalated, until you had people like Robespierre cutting off heads left and right. You read much history, Riley Thorsen?"

The voice was still conversational, a bit instructional, and then Riley might recognize it. As she turns to look at him, she'd see that the man was looking right at her, smiling like the cat that got the cream. And she knew then, who she was looking at: her Father.

Liam - En Route to the Hilton

Although Liam know he's taking the same route he'd taken to get to Ripley's, the way back seems... different. Maybe part of it is just him seeing things with new eyes now, but he could have sworn that it was still relatively urban the way he'd gone. So why is this route going through a park?

Liam would feel a definite sense that something was amiss, but ... there is no sense of danger. "Be at peace, no harm shall come to you for the moment."

The voice is instantly recognizable. The same voice he heard in his head not too long ago. It has a musical cadence to it, tinged with a Celtic lilt and accent, and a woman, clad in simple, loose, though hardly diaphanous, robes stepped barefoot out from behind a tree.

"Liam O'Keefe, I am glad you have embraced your destiny," says Danu, mother of the Tuatha de Denann.


Obviously, the gods you're meeting don't look like their traditional depictions. Some creative license, and... well, when the gods come into the mortal realm, they take on mortal shapes, and can generally appear how they like, with some limitations.

Both Mars and Danu have somewhat intercepted Lupo and Liam, and taken them to a place that's sort of Somewhere Else. They haven't exactly left the mortal realm, but if someone were to go to the location where they should be based on GPS or something like that, they wouldn't be there. Chalk it up to the gods doing what they like because they're gods.
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