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Default Front pages

We've not been hacked again - I'm playing with the Subdreamer software this site used to run. It's going to look different to how Mr Slugger had it, mostly because he knows what he's doing with that sort of thing and I don't, but I'm working my way through it. I'm aiming at an open design for easy reading. I also took a half-day off work today to get this started.

I'm going to have the software for displaying tales and articles. Although the software has the facility for creating accounts and submitting articles, that's what the forum is for. Myself and willing mods will be updating the site with tales and the like.

Just before the latest hack, I was asking for useful links - labour laws by state or country (for federal laws etc). I'm still after them for a resource section for retail workers. I also want to know what else you want to see on the site.

This thread is going to be left open for submissions and comments.

Come and get it!


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