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I said it in chat, and I think I said it best there.

Quoth CS Chat
[00:00:47] <pedersen> It's strange. Everybody else thinks I did great, kept people informed, etc. I think I did only so-so, rushed too much, and didn't inform enough.
I appreciate the compliments, I do. I just feel like I should done something better. Given exact times when the different forums would be down (I couldn't, because the new job and new sleep schedule kept me from knowing how late I could stay awake), for instance.

There are still a few rough edges that I know about. Only two of them should be visible to people, though: The main page for the site is has some issues with Firefox 3.5 ( to see), and the card list manager is currently down (something I'll be fixing Monday or Tuesday).

For everybody out there: If you have an issue, either PM me or attach a post to the Bug Reports Forum. I'll resolve it ASAP.

And thank you again for the patience. Hopefully, we won't need to do this again for a very long time.

Side note: For those of you who might be wondering why we needed to move? The backup file for just the CS database (which doesn't include avatars, photos, etc) was 778M. For reference, if you were to print that out on paper, 66 lines per page, 80 characters per line, you would need 154,402 sheets of paper. Yeah, we're an active bunch