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I appreciate the compliments, I do. I just feel like I should done something better. Given exact times when the different forums would be down (I couldn't, because the new job and new sleep schedule kept me from knowing how late I could stay awake), for instance.

Okay, suit yourself....

New job?!?

Who gives a rip?!? New job, Old job, B...umm anyway, what the heck do you think Raps pays you nothing but, most certainly, his undying gratitude and respect for? To go work some silly, paying job and put the maintenance and upgrading of the Boards on the back burner?!? Sheesh!!

And Sleep?!?

I thought you Techy/Geeky types thrived on lack of sleep, and guzzling gallons of Red Bull Especially when working on an important, challenging, project!!

Okay, how's that?