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We do thrive on those things.
But we normally expect migrations to go I said before, little 1s and 0s marching across to the new server.

Almost always when changing code/platforms/updates/hardware there's little itty bitty annoying things that happen. Rarely is it ever a crapalanche.

Pedersen, I bet you were expecting roses and only got daisies. You still did good..short bit of down time, (and this is not a money making site!) and getting it handled. All of us members are all over the globe, so there is really no way to take it down/off without hitting someone.

Same @ my job. Part of the company is West Coast, Conneticut, East Coast, London, Shanghai...
Any reboots I do can make hiccups. So I schedule them for the slow spots, pray and it works. Shoot, the worst that happened is that I had to make a ticket for DC to manually boot a server that didn't want to come back up.

See? Small burps. No crapalanche. You did great!!!!

If you ever do a migrate/code infusion job perfectly, let me know. I think fairies bring those to us.
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