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About seven years ago I bought a new Ford from a large local dealer. Real nice guy and has always been honest with me AFAIK. I pick up the car right after lunch and go to work. Leaving work car won't start acts like the battery is dead. Call the dealership and the person that answers says they can't deal with this today. So I prepare to drive one of the service vans home when the dealership owner calls to find out what's going on. Cut to the chase he and two mechanics come to the office and fix the car. Since I didn't receive a bill I guess it was covered under the warranty. Good customer service.
That I could see.

The boss man was the Gen Mgr, or the guy one below the owner, so he says do it, so I did it. But I still noted it was his idea.
Sarcasm dear, sarcasm. Iím well aware that dealing with civilians in any capacity will skin your faith in humanity alive, then pickle anything that remains so as to watch it shrivel up into an immortal husk thus reminding you of how dead inside you now are.