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Let me out of the wrong door
Old 04-18-2020, 10:31 PM
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Default Let me out of the wrong door

At work today, I was on the door making sure we didn't have too many people in the store, SC tries to walk out of the entrance (the store is one-way, even though the entrance and exit are next to each other)

Me: You need to go out of the exit door, it's just there

SC: But my dog is there it is (approx 5 metres) nearer, can I not go out this door?

Me: Due to Social Distancing, no, sorry

SC: You Sure?

Me: Yes

SC: Well how about I just punch you in the face, b****

Me: (Hands in pockets, Black Belt in Karate) You do know that you are being filmed by about 5 cameras, yeah? If anything happens we WILL give the police the video of you harrasing and then striking an employee

SC: Walks out
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