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At my current employer, I hired my friend AW. Turns out, there was another AW working in the ddivison in another department, that we routinely worked with. Yes, both AWs would be in the same meeting.

A few years later, we consolidate departments and AA is moved into our department. We now have two As in the department.
About this time, the other AW leaves the company. My AW starts getting all of his emails.
About 6 years ago, my AW leaves. We hire a new person, AK, to replace him. AK is often referred to as "A 2.0" (we should have waited for 2.1).
Over the next couple of year, we hire hire AM & AP.
AK left about two years ago.

For those keeping score, we currently have three As working in the department, two former As, both who were on my team and one of which was a full name match for someone in another department.
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