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the concept of such a section was tempting, but how long before it got really nasty and violent?
I had thought a Joke forum on fratching might be good, just because, while we don't get a lot of jokes we can't approve, there is the odd one.
Sometimes, they're pretty darn funny, but we just know, if we allow them, then they open a can of worms that we don't really want to deal with.

I had thought a good solution was to allow those controversial jokes on fratching.

The only problem with a joke forum there is that it is a debating site, and a forum of jokes doesn't really mesh well with the overall tone.

Do you really want to post what you consider a real kneeslapper, and then have to be prepared to explain or defend the joke you posted?
There is that potential.

The thought kind of takes the fun out of it.
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